Tributary Sales Resources is a professional telesales services company located in Naperville, IL. We offer innovative telesales solutions and services to our clients, from open territory coverage and lead generation to sales support, customer service, and product & software demos.



Tributary Sales Resources has provided telesales solutions for over 20 years and currently employs more than 35 people. Since 2002, we’ve been helping our clients achieve their sales and marketing objectives while delivering a strong ROI. We pay particular attention to the numbers — pipelines and project metrics that predict success.



TSR currently employs more than 35 dedicated people who thrive in our professional flexible and family-friendly environment. The average tenure for our reps is over 4 years and we have several colleagues who have worked at TSR for more than 10 years. Since the beginning, we wanted to be known as a great service provider and a great place to work.



TSR has worked with more than 130 clients. We serve businesses in a variety of markets including Educational Publishing (K-12 and Higher Ed), B2B, Healthcare Administration, Restaurants, Digital Collections for Libraries, and more.



TSR has completed over 525 projects for our clients , including Virtual Sales Force, Open Territory Coverage, Lead Generation, Sales Support and Customer Service, Software Demos, Conference Attendance Outreach, and many more. Our assignments last as little as 4 weeks and as long as 16 years.



Our headquarters in Naperville, Illinois has always set the tone for a culture of training, support, shared learning, fun, and passion for performance, which has been critical to our success. It has also given us the opportunity to create a work environment and a culture that attracts talented, experienced candidates from a vibrant area in the western suburbs of Chicago.