Services & Solutions

For many of our clients we serve as their outsourced sales team; for others we cover open territories or provide seasonal support. TSR provides services for as long as our clients need, from month-long to multiyear partnerships.

“Just-in-Time” Sales Campaigns: We’ve developed a cost-effective way to execute a sales strategy without incurring the expense of full-time employees.

Lead Generation Programs: We develop and implement programs that create sales leads through effective prospecting and qualifying.

New Client Acquisition: We can organize campaigns to help clients schedule appointments, demos, and presentations to potential new customers.

Open Territory Coverage: We offer professional sales coverage for clients experiencing temporary openings in sales territories.

Virtual Sales Team: We are an optimal solution for clients that outsource some or all of their sales efforts.

Sales Support and Customer Service: We complete critical outreach programs to current customers or high-value customer service contacts.

Web Demos: We develop campaigns that focus on web demos and presentations and, if requested, we can also help recruit customers to attend these demos.

Tech Demos: We can recruit, schedule, and present product demos for clients who sell educational technology tools and software.

Conference Outreach: We’ve engaged in several outreach programs to drive conference and event attendance for our clients.

Desks at the Tributary Sales Resources office in Naperville, IL

Client Success Stories

Here’s just a sampling of some of the projects we’ve successfully completed over the years:

Virtual Sales Force

TSR reps operated as the US sales team for a UK-based global leader in ELT (English-language teaching) publishing. The team covered all channels in the US market, including higher education, K-12, for-profit schools, and private language schools. We managed 15 sales territories that were specialized by market segment. During an 8-year period, we helped our client launch a new ESL series that drove sales to their high point in US revenue. Our client significantly lowered their selling expenses while achieving peak results. In the process of building out these sales territories, the TSR team built accurate customer profiles at more than 15,000 colleges, school districts, and language programs.

Sales Force Extension and Support

For the last 16 years, TSR reps have worked closely with a world language publisher and their sales team on a number of critical growth initiatives. Our key assignments have included open territory coverage, prospecting and qualifying underserved accounts, new product launches, customer service and support, sales rep support, and data mining. TSR has assigned from three to six reps to this project over the years, depending on our clients’ needs and selling season. In this 16-year period, our client has grown by 600%.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Account Coverage

For 2+ years worked closely with a leading provider of IT training, course materials, and certification. Four TSR reps were responsible for helping to launch newly created IT course content and course materials by managing territories of several thousand schools and colleges who offer IT training courses and programs. First-year sales of brand new content exceeded sales estimates by nearly 100%.

Healthcare Publisher Sales Force

For the last 16 years, we have worked with an association to sell their full list of textbooks and professional books for graduate and undergraduate programs in healthcare administration. During that time, we have increased sales, collected critical customer and market feedback, and created a comprehensive, accurate database of all instructors. In the last year, we have been included in forecasting and strategic planning meetings. We are a highly valued partner.

Lead Generation for IT Consultant

We completed a short-term project for a midwestern IT company that specializes in consulting to the petroleum industry. We worked a messy list of “leads” and identified multiple potential clients who agreed to an introductory consulting conversation. For a very affordable fee, we were able to deliver six leads, each of which had first-year consulting revenue of $100,000. We proved that we could successfully take on assignments in technical industries. We recently launched a project with a technology company that developed an innovative new system to enhance oil well production by 30-40%. Our sales and work processes are successful across a number of industries.